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About Us

Work Hard, Play Hard. We Like Fun.


Husband and Wife Personal Trainer Team. Certified & Registered. Over 20 Years Industry Personal Training, Fitness Class Instruction, Bootcamp, Outdoor Training.


We are also certified and registered nutters, movie and book fans, computer games graduates, recent parents, tea and coffee guzzlers, and fed up with poor customer service that seems to be everywhere'ers.

How We Work

We don't do fads.

We use market leading technology and ongoing biometric data tracking so it's almost like the whole groups' right there with you the whole time keeping you accountable to your goals.

We play video games together

We Watch Movies Together

We Have Quizes 

We Do Silly Rewards

We Have a bunch of online group chats

We Do Zoom coffee mornings for a chat

We Do Trainer Q&A Live sessions

We Do Daily & Weekly Accountability 

We Do Premium (friendly) Competitions & CoOps

We Do Rewards

We Do Online Group Step Sessions

We Have In-Person Walks (As & When Covid Compliant)

We SHare Recipes & Success Stories, Methodologies and Tips

We Hold VIdeo Simple How-To Seminars on fitness and nutrition planning

We Run Group Variety challenges

We support, motivate & Encourage each other

We have Meet-Up Cheat Meals (As & When Covid Compliant)

Suitable for Gym users/non-gym users.

We Offer No Questions Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We Do Charity.

We are a small business trying to make a big difference amd work hard to bring you this.

We love what we do and want you to too.

This is different. Here we care about one other.

Don't be alone anymore, find company and cameraderie in the guild. We are all in this together, it's a lifelong challenge. See you there.

Equipment Required

- Smartphone or Any Fitness Tracker (preferred)

- Digital Weighing Scales & Tape Measure

Thats it.

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