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Group Plan

Packed With Features & Unbelieveable Value

Welcome to Group Plan.

Join a personal trainer led group where we play premium games and compete in fun challenges together to reach our daily quotas. Where we track our nutrition, exercise and progress and are held accountable to the group and personal trainer. where we share our best recipes together. Support, motivate and inspire one another. Where we can use our preferred mode of activity. Where we are guided on how much exercise and nutrition quotas should be and taught how to manage an progress this and build variety into our lives making this a lifestyle not a quick fix cycle.  we should be doing

Here we create small communities of likeminded members, where everybody is working hard to better themselves /improve their health and fitness together, spurring each other on, drawing on the power of the community because members of this guild know that accountability is the key to long term success keeping the weight off and the /health/fitness up.

We don't just exercise, we are a community where we get to know one another and chat. We hold online community events and socials, we support one another. That's what makes us different.

Never go it alone again. We are with you.

Quota Fit Groups.

Why Quota Group

Personal Trainer

Group Management

Male/Female Only Groups

Group Exercise & Nutrition Guidance, Seminars, Q&A

Fitness Tracker/Fitness App Integration


Challenges & Rewards

Trainer/Members Vlogs & Chat

Group Recipe Collection

Commitment & Results Boosting Daily Accountability Policy​

Support Others & Be Supported

Gym Users/No Gym Required

Suitable For

All Levels

24 Hour Access

No Contract

100% Money Back Guarantee

Running Shoes
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