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All The Accountability, Management & Motivation of Personal Training For A Fraction Of The Price.

Absolutely Unbeatable Value. Everything You Need... All For Only £99 per month.

We will contact you to book your Welcome/Monthly Phone or Videocall Consultation where together, we will build and manage your:

- Personalised Monthly Food Plan (7-day food plan repeated across the month)

- Personalised Exercise Quotas

- Biometric Data (Weight & Body Measurements)

- Fitness Tracker & Nutrition Tracker Accounts

- You will have a dedicated WhatsApp Tracker Chat with your Personal Trainer should you need to ask them anything plan-related, to discuss your performance and to plan your next month's food, exercise quotas, progress and motivation.

- You will have a Monthly Phone/Videocall Review with your Personal Trainer.

Your exercise performance and nutrition data will be visible to your Personal Trainer in order to keep you accountable to them and so that they can calculate it against your caloric intake to help ensure weight loss and progress you in your monthly phone/videocall reviews.

On the Tracking Plan you will have two very simple daily tasks:

- Eat as per agreed food plan (or simply upload any changes so that it can be tracked)

- Wearing your fitness tracker throughout the day, complete your agreed daily exercise quotas made visible to your trainer by joining tracker challenges (playing fitness tracker games and matches with your trainer) and syncronising your tracker at least once a day.

We will also send you an invition to join our motivational weight loss community groups (groups are male/female only and are completely voluntary to join and/or participate). This is where Trainers will share invitations to community walks and events, motivational content, tools and tips and related news and members can share their favourite meals from their food plans, success stories and share support, encouragement and motivation for one another.

What's Included

Certified Personal Trainers 17+Years Exp


Personal Trainers


Personalised Food Plan & Exercise Quotas





Ask Personal Trainer Questions

1-2-1 Private Chat With Your Personal Trainer

Monthly Review & 
Planning Phone/


Fitness Tracker Challenges & Matches

Suitable For

All Levels

24 Hour Access

No Gym Required

No Contract

Tracking Plan

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