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Quota Group

Packed With Features & Unbelieveable Value

Join a private, friendly weight loss group led by the group's own Certified Personal Trainer; a fun and interactive way to lose weight.

Packed with features, this programme will have you competing against your peers in group challenges with real rewards, joining them for drop-in step sessions (and a chat) whilst being held accountable to the group's compliance and accountability protocols.


The plan offers group Nutrition and Exercise guidance, male only and female only trainers and groups, a platform to ask the Personal Trainer questions via Q&A, group motivation and support, private group-only chat and much, much more. Never go it alone again.


Suitable for all levels, no gym required, 24/7 access and no contract. There's nothing to lose except unwanted weight. 

Please note: Fitness Tracker (Fitbit, Apple, Google) or tracker app (Apple Health or Google Fit), digital weighing scales, kitchen weighing sclaes and body measuring tape required.


Why Quota Group

Personal Trainer

Led Groups

Male Only/Female Only Groups

Group Exercise & Nutrition Guidance

Group Drop-In Step Sessions

Group Premium


Compliance Protocols



Ask Group Personal Trainer Questions

Group Support & Motivation

Private Group Chat

No Gym Required

Suitable For

All Levels

24 Hour Access

No Contract

Running Shoes
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