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About Us

Certified Personal Trainers. Proven Success.


Our team of personal trainers have been working in the industry for over 20 years delivering thousands of hours of personal training, client management and lifestyle assessments, specialising in weight loss.

​We have male personal trainers for male clients and female personal trainers for female clients.


Our clients come from all walks of life; beginner to professional athletes and body builders, vegans to omnivores, lactose intolerant to gluten-free and everything in between.

​The one thing we ask from all of our clients is100% commitment.


We don't do fads. We use technology and ongoing biometric data tracking to calculate, review, issue and update exercise and nutrition quotas and track live exercise sessions in order to optimise your weight loss journey.

​Our methods will teach you how to lose weight as fast or as slow as you safely and comfortably can whilst equipping you with the experience and knowledge to keep it all off... for good.

​We don’t believe there are any inherently "bad" foods, just time and place considerations that will enable you to reach your goal whilst enjoying the things you love. This is a lifestyle.

​You don't have to go to the gym. You don’t have to go running outside. All you need is a fitness tracker that allows us to interact with you so you can get the most out of our programmes.


  • Q-Group: a weight loss and lifestyle group offering group nutrition and exercise guidance, group Zoom step sessions, group challenges, built in compliance and accountability protocols (absolutely crucial to successful and sustained weight loss), competitions, ask the Personal Trainer via Q&A, community support and motivation. This is our most popular plan with new groups starting due to it’s success and unbelievable value for money (max capacity 100 members per group).

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  • Q-Track: 1-2-1 personal trainer weight loss management service utilising the latest tracking technology and nutrition management. Personalised nutrition plans and exercise quotas monitored and reviewed by your Personal Trainer daily. 1-2-1- accountability directly to your personal trainer via our tracking and compliance protocols and a 1-2-1 private chat for communication, questions and support. Quota Track comes with full Quota Group access and features included.

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  • Q-PT: Premium Personal Training delivered online. With or without equipment, (recommendations on suitable equipment purchasing available) sessions designed to accommodate. Unique live vitals tracking during sessions, with all the personalised nutrition management of Quota Track and full Quota Group access and features included

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Equipment Required

Basic fitness and weight loss monitoring tools. Use the equipment you already have or click the listed items below to see our recommendations:

- Fitness Tracker (Fitbit, Apple, Google)

- Digital Weighing Scales

- Kitchen Weighing Scales

- Body Tape Measure (please note - if you buy the above recommended digital weighing scales, you do not need to purchase a body tape measure as they include it with the scales).

(FREE Fitbit Charge 3 + Digital Weighing Scales + Kitchen Weighing Scales + Body Tape Measure with Q-Track + Q-PT Plans worth £130)

If you would like more information on any of our plans or would like to book your free, no obligation client consultation (for Q-Track and Q-PT plans only) please send us a message.

Let's get moving,

Quota Fit.

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