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We Are Quota Fit

About Us

Nicole & Akeel, former Personal Trainers @ Gold's Gym, The Gym Group, Fusion Lifestyle, Topnotch, Olympian Fitness, Springhealth Leisure, over 10+years experience.

We are super excited to be returning to full time Personal Training after a few years out and will be getting ourselves back into the best shape of our lives. ​​If anyone wants to see how a Personal Trainer does it, then join us in using the exact same diets and exercise (gym not required), holding each other accountable in a 1-2-1 chat, a brief weekly review phonecall, challenges, games, motivation, support, tips and tricks, and much more, losing bodyfat and getting into great shape together on either our

Tracking Plan or our Personal Training plan.

We believe the key to weight loss is not a special diet or exercise program, rather it is to be found in accountbility, tracking and support, combined with professional guidance and years of experience encountering and overcoming weight loss pitfalls and struggles AS WELL AS finding the best food and exercise plan for YOU.

Please note we take a no fluff approach to weight loss as this is what it takes to get into great shape.

Please ensure before you start with us that you are ready to do whatever it takes.

Although the challenge ahead will not be easy we will be in this TOGETHER.


"Never give up and we won't either."

- Quota Fit.

We offer our Tracking Plan & Personal Training (Male or Female only) online and in person @ our fully equipped Private Personal Training Studio in Hounslow, West London.

We are fully certified, registered and insured Personal Trainers.

Registered Company: Quota Fit Ltd 12398883.

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